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    We believe in us. so that we can believe in you.

  • Our vision

    To become part of success stories, of institutions, organizations and individuals around the world

    Company Overview

    Brief History

    Impact facilitators group was formed to serve the need for companies in modern days to keep their personnel productive throughout the year. We understand the importance of team work and the impact of a little motivation. Impact facilitators group understands that the key to productivity is a happy and motivated personnel. We at IFG therefor seek to become the key that unlocks the potential of everyone, through; team building, motivational talks, career guidance and general facilitation.

    The idea of IFG kicked off when we joined Balloon Ventures, an ICS enterprise program funded by the British government, as volunteers to train young and budding entrepreneurs in different locations in Kenya. We did not know each other at that point, since each of us went through the program in a different location at different times.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Social Challenges

    The three initial founders, Mr. Nyagaya, the CEO, Mr. Maenda, the senior facilitator, and Miss. Njeri, our Programs director, all served as capable team leaders for different Balloon Ventures programs. We were later recruited to work as facilitators for the Balloon curriculum, a challenging but also a very interesting role.

    Since then, we have collectively run more than 20 Balloon programs, training youth from mixed backgrounds and races. We boast of a very rich experience in the field of facilitation and team building. We are all self-motivated individuals and we draw great joy from our work.


    Get the best out of your investment

    Everyone deserves to get the best out of what they invest their time in. Every company or institution deserves an output that equals the energy and resources they invest into their day to day activities. We believe that we can tap into every individuals deepest potential and cultivate team spirit in groups of people that need to work together.

    We have also developed a unique model in coming up with curriculum toolkits that focus on the actual and implementable ideas in different fields in line with our clients’ preferences and objectives. We are inspiring, we are motivating and we are challenging. We are the missing piece between you and your vision.

    Core values

    To be able to value our clients, we embrace:


    ▪ Transparency

    ▪ Commitment

    ▪ Professionalism

  • our services

    We always strive to do the best

    Summary of our primary services

    We offer different services that all aim at increasing productivity. From individuals goals and objectives to institutional objectives and long-term goals. We are a team of well-experienced facilitators and public speakers.


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    Curriculum development

    Curriculum facilitation

    Team building

    Motivational Speaking


    Career guidance

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity and dedication.

    Daniel Nyanga

    CEO & Founder

    Daniel is a motivated and energetic trainer and facilitator with a wide range of skills that always leaves people wanting more and more from his plate of knowledge and activities. He holds a degree in development studies and an inborn drive for fun, creativity, and innovation.


    Other than being our very able CEO and Founder, Daniel is a consultant with Accurex Leadership and Management Consultants, he is also one of the co-founders of The Woonded Project (A community-based organisation), and he is a director at Herstel East Africa Group where he helped start Herstel Foundation.

    Maureen Njeri

    Programs director

    Maureen is a jovial and fun-loving facilitator. She believes that if people are not enjoying what they are doing, then there is no point as to how well they do it. She is our golden bird - holds the 2017 most motivating staff of the year award. Her passion for team building and team cohesion can inspire anyone to want to be a better team player.

    Maenda Timothy

    Senior facilitator

    An accounting professional with experience in entrepreneurship and management training. Timothy also shares the IFG spirit of fun and energy in everything that he undertakes. Other than training and facilitation, he also takes lead in curriculum review and development for most of our programs.

    Monica Achieng

    Business Developer

    Our customer relations expert and creativity star. Monica serves as both the business developer and brand manager for Impact Facilitators. We are proud to have her on our team. With her degree in hospitality management, you will be glad too that she is part of the team that delivers value to you in the name of IFG.

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    October 6, 2018
    People who are required to work towards the same goals tend to sometimes be conflicted by their own personal emotions, objectives and ambitions. We have newly developed mechanisms and fun activities including very informative educational sessions to help refocus a team in line with its set...
    Motivational Talks We are all human beings, sometimes we work so hard forgetting that we are not machines, forgetting that we have a heart that beats and a brain that thinks. We can harness these two to unleash the power of humanity in us. Once we have done that, then we can move from working...
    October 6, 2018
    Are you in need of facilitator services and you have no idea who would suit you? We have a team of well experienced facilitators in different fields who have run various international programs in their respective careers. Our facilitators are young and motivated, they have both the passion and...
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